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The Caves of Chaos
Keidanko Series


Keidanko Series
Akane 1/2
The Doragon Namida
The End of a Dream
Spam and Short Stories

These are just a bunch of stories that involve my original character, Keidanko. The title isn't Keidanko Series, I just put that there because I didn't have a better idea.[My series!](Egomaniac.)[Hey! This is a story about a series about RANMA! and he's in this story too! He's the bigger egomaniac!]{Keidanko!}[Ah! hehehehehe... fancy meeting you here Ranma...]{Prepare to DIE!!!!}[Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!]<Ranma chases Keidanko out of the room>(Moron.)

Conflict Among Destiny

The Frozen Void

Nekoken Muyo! (Coming Soon...)[Yeah right!](Shut up Keidanko!)