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The Caves of Chaos
Spam and Short Stories


Keidanko Series
Akane 1/2
The Doragon Namida
The End of a Dream
Spam and Short Stories

Here is my collection of Spam and short stories.[Ewww...Spam.](Grrrrr...)[Spam is, to qoute me from the Akane 1/2 Prologue:"Spam, like the lucheon meat, is completely silly."]

Since these aren't divided in chapters so we can coment on the next one, Keidanko and I, and whoever decides to join us that day, will give our comments along with the story or Spamfic.[You go girl!]<Splash!>(You get outta here, girl!){But who's gonna comment with you?](*sigh* Fine, stay.)[Yipee!]<Keidanko-chan starts bouncing around>

The Spell

[Spam based life form captain.](When'd you turn guy?)[It's one of the mysteries of the site.](Whatever, here is The Spell, my first Spamfic.)[Yeah, it's a crossover of Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo! and my favorite, Slayers.](Yeah, and you'll see what happens when Ranma messses with magic.)[And it can take place in almost any time line, save the ones where Ranma's permenately a girl.]{And anytime after Nekoken Muyo!}(Hey Ranma.){Yo Eathan, Keidanko.}[Why not after Nekoken Muyo?]{You haven't read the script?}[Nope.](Why?)[Cause you're never gonna finish it.](I will... someday.){Good luck.}(Thanks Ranma.){Now I gotta get outta here before my popularity drops any more.}([Hey!]){Heh, see ya.}<Ranma leaves>