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The Caves of Chaos
Ideas for the Taking

Hey all. I just decided to give up on writing. I decided I'm not cut out for it. I'll keep my stuff up and if anyone wants to use an idea of mine, go ahead, just send me an e-mail and a copy of the story and a link to the site it will be on. Well, see ya. -Eathan

Hey, sorry for those loyal fans<counts heads>, okay, loyal one of you, who wanted to see more of my stuff. I just decided to give up on this site due to stuff happening in my actual life that is taking a lot of my time. I'll keep the site up and I'll probably post the stories if the author's who continue them wish for me to. The Keidanko series if off limits and Akane 1/2 can be taken if you get rid of Keidanko and any other new characters. If I do anything else on this site, Keidanko's gonna be my helper, so I don't want him working another paycheck.[What paycheck?] Anyway, sorry to inconvience you who enjoyed my stories and were hoping for more in the future. See ya. -Eathan
Date:3/29/2k2- Chaos Time
I just set up this site to replace the one that won't let me change a thing.<grumbles a few choice words about Tripod-Lycos> Tripod-Lycos isn't bad, but it still has it's share of problems, like everything, save string cheese(mmmm... string cheese.)Oh, and since my last update at the other site, I finally named the "untitled crossover" and am placing my first spam-fic on the web. The world shudders. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Anyhow, if for some strange reason you wanna go to the old site, click here.-Eathan

The old site is dark and lonely place... 'cause I'm not there! Hahahaha!-Keidanko

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