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The Caves of Chaos
Akane 1/2


Keidanko Series
Akane 1/2
The Doragon Namida
The End of a Dream
Spam and Short Stories

This story is done in the Keidanko series time line. It is a sort of warping of the Ranma 1/2 story.[Me and the gang write this one. And do a better job at it than Eathan does with his fics.]<Splash!>[What'd you do that for?!](Out Keidanko-chan!)[Don't call me that!]<Keidanko-chan leaves>(Don't get no respect.)

Prologue: Ranma and Co. Write a Fanfic!

Chapter 1: Here's Akane![Ranma writes this one!](Yeah, and you and Ryoga cause trouble through out it.)[Grrrr...]