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The Caves of Chaos
The Doragon Namida


Keidanko Series
Akane 1/2
The Doragon Namida
The End of a Dream
Spam and Short Stories

This is a Breath of Fire aqnd Ranma crossover. It occurs after the end of Ranma 1/2 and nowhere whatsoever in the Breath of Fire time line.[I don't star in it...](Do you HAVE to be the center of attention?)[Yes.](...)<Splash!>[Grrr...]

Chapter 1: Meetings

Chapter 2: The Black Lotus[Magic ripoff!](Shut up!)[That is a major Magic ripoff!](No it isn't! This Black Lotus and that one are completely different!)[Yeah, right.](Alright! Fine! I'll put a Magic disclaimer in there, but they are completely different save their namesake!)[Whatever.]